Naruto Next Generation

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Owner: UntamedMonkey

GM: Masterdeath1, TheSummonerOfShadows

Main Coder: .ItachiRD

Main Iconner: Byran23


-Treat all players and staff the way you want to be treated!

-If there is a bug, report it! Do not tell anyone else about it, and do not abuse it.

-Do not use help button unless you absolutely need it.

-Do not spam the chat.

-If an admin asks you to do something, do it.

-No Spawn killing or camping spawn points!

-Do not ask an admin for items.

-Do not log off to avoid death.

-Do not be racist.


      Staff Rules:

-Do not abuse your powers!

-If you see a different Admin abusing their powers, report him/her to owner.

-If you're not sure on a punishment for an abuser, ask a higher leveled admin.

-Try to avoid banning. Jail/mute/boots are there for a reason.

-Do not summon or teleport to people to kill them or allow another player to kill them.

-Do not create things for players that will give them an unfair advantage over the others.

-Just because you're an admin, doesn't give you the right to treat players disrespectfully.