Naruto Next Generation

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Basic questions

Note that every single one of these questions are answered in the tutorial.

Q: How do I train?
A: Missions give the best experience. If you can't do missions at that moment, attacking people, logs or trees will increase your strength. Getting hit increases your defense, regenerating increases vitality, running increases agility, using a chakrablade or sand gourd increases power instead of strength, meditation increases power and control, waterwalking increases control, and waterfalls increase control and vitality.

Q: How do I level up?
A: Gain stats. Each stat you gain gives you one experience.

Q: How do I use my skill point?
A: In the bottom right of your screen, there is a skill tree button.

Q: What is the key for...
A: Click the key map button in your commands. If that doesn't work, Click the controls button.
2. Frequent Questions

Q: Which jutsus can level up?
A: All of them can other than Fuuma Shuriken and Air Blast. Some jutsus are not coded completely in so they can't level at the moment. They are gradually changing though.

Q: When is the next Genin/Chunin exam?
A: You will have to wait. The admins do not keep track of them since they are automated. Nor can they start one.

Q: What is the max level for jutsus?
A: It varies. Ranges from 2 to 5.

Q: I have been punching a tree forever. I still havent leveled up!
A: Training in this game isn't just punching trees. You can only gain strength from them. Slowly too. For more information about how to train refer to question 1..

Q: I think I am bugged. What should I do?
A: Press the big red button with the word HELP on it. It will alert all the admins at that moment. They will help you.

Q: How do I leave my village?
A: You leave your village by your kage kicking you out, or by killing too many of your own villagers. Being a missing-nin is disadvantagous however.

Q: How do I learn my fourth/sixth clan skill?
A: You can get them by being a Chunin/Jounin respectively. ANBUs, Kages and Missing-nins do not follow this restriction.

Q: How do I learn Sharingan and its levels?
A: 1. You get 1st tomoe as uchiha when you are killed or your comrade is killed near you.
2. You get 2nd tomoe when you have 1st tomoe, level 25 or higher, atleast genin rank, and critical health(bleeding).
3. You get 3rd tomoe when you have 2nd tomoe, level 45 or higher, atleast chunin rank, and critical health(bleeding).
4. You master your sharingan when you have 3rd tomoe, and level 70 or higher.
5. You get Mangekyou Sharingan after have 300 kills, level 100 or higher, and have mastered sharingan.

Q: How do I become Akatsuki.
A: Become a very high leveled missing-nin. Only 9 Akatsuki can exist at the same time. The Akatsuki is a elite group that doesnt kill everyone in sight, but take out the top bounties and tailed beasts.

Q: Where are the tailed beasts?
A: They are the people with the tailed beasts status(1-tails,2-tails,3- tails,and so on...). To get a tailed beast of you own, find the demon sealing scroll in the woods and use it. It will give you the Demon Sealing Jutsu. Now go find someone with a tailed beast status and fight him until his health is in critical. Then use the sealing jutsu and his tailed beast will be transferred to you.
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